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Vendor:James William Brown
Product:[PLR] Stress Relief Using Natural Methods
Launch Date:2017-Apr-20
Launch Time:08:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $7
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Affiliate Network:JVZoo 

I’ve updated my listing.The date of this launch has been changed from April/13 to April/20 due to this being my 1st launch and having some tech issues with JvZoo/Aweber,  etc.


Front End:

7 day sale price is $7.00 with 100% commission for affiliates.


The front end has one ebook which is 22 pages-7,413 words.

“Stress Relief Using Natural Methods”

Chapter 1-From the beginning to the present.

Chapter 2-The sad expectations delivered by TV and internet.

Chapter 3-Social media and its impact on us.

Chapter 4-Family life and some issues.

Chapter 5-Working folks blues.

Chapter 6-Stress solutions without those pills.

Chapter 7-Why do we get sick?

Chapter 8-More help that is all natural.

Chapter 9-Something we should do our entire life.


Short Report-Stress relief from physical movement.

This report is 7 pages long-2,214 words.


Also includes a list of 20 stress related Amazon highly rated products.

At the time the list was compiled, all the products were between 4.0 and 5.0 stars.

There is some movement in the ratings as more people add their rating to Amazon.


There is an OTO. The OTO price is $9.00 and the commission to affilates is 50%.


Short Report-Stress relief using mental stimulations.

This report is 6 pages long-1,877 words.


Short Report-Stress relief with crystals and essential oils.

This report is 8 pages long-1,959 words.


A series of 5 autoresponders/blogs. You can use these however you like. Break them up and make them smaller or combine them.

There is a total of 5 pages-2,395 words.


10 articles at a total of 16 pages of content.

Stress and domestic violence-586 words.

Alcohol and stress-502 words.

Childhood stress-589 words.

Cause of pet stress-538 words.

Domestic and Foreign terrorism stress-505 words.

Economic stress-486 words.

Stress can affect skin conditions-493 words.

Stress and back pain-518 words.

Stress and sleep issues-599 words.

Stress and suicide-498 words.


There is a downsell. This is 33 pages of previous content that sold for a very short time. The price is $5.00 and the commission to affiliates is 75%.


There are 10 Yoga articles:

What in the world is Yoga?-691 words.

How to lose weight doing yoga.-611 words.

Quick and easy energy with yoga.-688 words.

Yoga breathing tips to calm down.-568 words.

The OM of being a corpse.-577 words.

How to stop those nagging complaints using yoga.-682 words.

The secrets of yoga for women.-562 words.

The secrets of yoga for men.-597 words.

The best ways for couples to bond using yoga.-647 words.

Power foods to fuel your yoga workout.-623 words.



There are 10 stress articles:

Burger and fries-529 words.

Stress related symptoms.-512 words.

Chain smmoking cigarettes.-588 words.

Cancer resulting from stress.-488 words.

Not dealing with stress properly.-423 words.

Stress and high blood pressure.-469 words.

Depression and stress.-486 words.

Tips for busting stress.-739 words.

Are there stress related illnesses?-518 words.


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